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Booking Vendors For Your Wedding During Coronavirus

With so much uncertainty I've been getting a lot of questions from couples reaching out about booking for their upcoming weddings. I thought I'd take a minute to provide some answers and suggest a few of my favorite vendors if you're still looking for them for your late summer/fall weddings or into 2021.

1.) Bookings

Generally, I do not like to book more than 8 months in advance, but because a lot of our upcoming weddings are now being rescheduled to Fall dates, I am booking into 2021. If you want to book with me, especially for the Fall, and have not inquired yet, I would recommend getting in touch sooner than later. We are basically doing a full wedding season (March-November) in just one actual season (Fall). So my availability is getting more and more limited. If you book before the end of this year for next year, I will honor my 2020 minimum of $3,000.00. Head over to my New Client Questionnaire to start the process.

2.) Non-Refundable Retainers

When you book, most vendors take a non-refundable retainer to secure your date. By taking this, we block off our calendars for your event. It is also used, in my business, to purchase hard goods, pay a portion of the sales tax, and goes toward my monthly overhead (insurance, website, utilities, etc.) Now every vendor has a different overhead so keep that in mind.

So what does that mean in these uncertain times we're living in?

While your retainer is non-refundable, for me, it is transferable with no change fee. If you book now for the late summer or fall and we are still having to practice social distancing or there's a government order of any kind, your retainer is transferable. If you are willing to postpone your event instead of cancelling it, the retainer will transfer to your new date. I will do my best to make sure we can find a date that works for the majority of your vendors. Postponements can take place within a year of your original date.

3.) Venue Changes

Even if your venue changes, I will be there. If you've had to or have to postpone your date and your venue isn't available or accommodating, I will still do your wedding. I've heard from quite a few couples that are having issues with postponing with their venues. Most venues book several months and up to a year or more in advance so getting a new date can be tricky, but please know I didn't take your booking because of the venue you chose; I took your booking because I wanted to work with you! No matter where your wedding is we'll find a way to create the beautiful wedding you hoped for!

4.) Social Distancing

As long as your wedding complies with Government (Federal, State, and Local) Orders I will show up. For your safety and the safety of myself and my staff I will be following all government orders. If this does mean we have to postpone, I sincerely apologize in advance, but know that I will honor everything I mentioned above.

5.) Change of Season

If you've had to postpone your Spring/Summer wedding and are worried about how your color palette will fit into Fall, or how your floral choice will be affected, even if you're not a client of mine, please reach out. I'm happy to help you navigate through the season change. You can also visit my Blog Post on how to update your Spring color palettes for your now Fall weddings here! I want you to still be excited about your wedding and not bummed out by having to postpone. I'm here to help!

If you're still looking for a wedding florist or other vendors for your postponed wedding or upcoming Fall or 2021 wedding, I hope this helped. I'm also including a list of other wedding vendors in Southern California that I highly recommend and are honoring the same things I am during this crazy time.

Peace, Love, & Flowers my friends.

Recommended Vendor List:


In The Details, Jacklyn

Instagram: @inthedetailswed


The Perfect Fairytale Weddings, Michele



Lianna Marie Photography


Harmony Haft Photography

Wheeland Photography, Janet

Instagram: @wheelandphoto



XO Beauty Co., Alexis




Milly’s Fine Cakes

Instagram: @millysfinecakes


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