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My Spring Wedding is now a Fall Wedding...

Moving your Spring Wedding Color Palette to Fall.

We are living through some weird times right now. No one could have predicted all events and weddings would be postponed due to a pandemic, but that's the reality we're living in. So many couples have had to postpone their Spring weddings to the Fall and so I'm here to help.

While Autumn might not have the blooming branches or pastel florals, it does have amazing foliage and grasses that you can work in and bold flowers like dahlias, zinnias and mums.

Let's talk about how we change those light pastel Spring colors into richer tones more suited for fall. Don't get me wrong, if your heart is set on your original palette by all means keep it!, but if you're like my clients and trying to figure out how to change your palette ever so slightly, so it makes more sense with the season, here are a few suggestions for the most popular Spring colors I had this year...


Blush is one of the most common colors I work with year round, but it can easily move into mauve or as far as burgundy to make use of all those amazing dahlias that come with Autumn.


Lavender is a popular Spring color, and I had a few clients who chose it specifically to incorporate lilac, but it can move into deeper shades even plum and use some of that deep foliage available.


Blue is not a widely available color when it comes to flowers, but if you're using it as an accent in things like your linens or decor, consider going a shade or two darker from light blue to slate or navy. Burgundy, Burnt Orange, and Mustard Yellow all pop with a darker blue!


I've always been more a fan of mustard yellow than I have of light yellow, so this transition is a no brainer for me, but if you feel like mustard is too over powering, use it as a small accent in your flowers or even switch your hard goods from silver to copper, brass, or gold to create that warm fall palette.


Peach to me, like blush, is a year round color. It goes with so many color palettes and really helps the other colors to stand out, be it blue, purple, or burgundy, peach can mesh with it all. If you're looking for a richer color bring in some of that burnt orange or rust to really make a contrast.

Whether you want to replace an existing color in your wedding palette or just throw in a few touches of fall with a deeper color, talk with your florist about how you can incorporate these changes and get excited about the new possibilities for your perfect wedding flowers!

And in case you're still having a hard time losing some of those pretty Spring blooms just remember....DAHLIAS!

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