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Thank you for your interest in our mentoring opportunities! I am so excited that you have taken the first step towards a journey of growth and learning. Your eagerness to seek guidance and support is a testament to your commitment to achieving your business goals. 


Whether you're looking to learn new foam free techniques and mechanics, or need help with recipes and orders; I offer a range of mentoring options to cater to your specific needs and objectives, ensuring that you receive the support and guidance that best suits your journey. 

I can't wait to connect with you! 





le Creative behind le Champagne Projects

Hi! I'm Kelly, the lead designer + owner of 

Le Champagne Projects. I specialize in  romantic, whimsical, and foam free wedding flowers.

Here at Le Champagne Projects we are committed to sustainability without compromising style. We pride ourselves in creating all our lush arrangements filled with dimension and great attention to detail + color, all 100% foam free. 

Why choose me for mentoring?


After years of studying and creating art and sculpture I finally chose flowers as my main medium.

I've been in the floral industry for over 8 years now and have spent much of my career honing and perfecting the craft of foam free mechanics so that I could make more eco friendly designs for my clients. 

In an industry that creates so much waste and has such a large carbon foot print I was determined to find the best practices and solutions I could.

I'm so passionate about it and I would love to share my knowledge and teach others so  we can collectively elevate the world of floristry, fostering creativity and innovation, all while creating a more sustainable industry. 


When deciding to mentor, I wanted to make sure I had options for all Florist, not just those who are local to San Diego. I also acknowledge that everyone's circumstances and preferences are unique. That's why I'm proud to offer both in-person and remote mentoring options. Whether you thrive in face-to-face interactions, benefiting from the intimacy and hands on approach of in-person sessions, or if you're just looking to have specific questions answered or want to problem solve certain design mechanics together and want the convenience of remote mentoring; I've got you covered. My goal is to ensure that you have the opportunity to access the guidance and support you need in a way that suits your business and preferences. With our diverse mentoring options, I aim to create an inclusive and accessible environment for all, so you can embark on your journey of growth and development in the most comfortable and effective manner for you.

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