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Seasonal Flower Guide: Fall Blooms

Arrangement Filled with Fall Flowers | Dahlias, Rudbeckia, French Marigolds, Nandina, Etc.

Having or planning a Fall wedding? Wondering what flowers are in season? I've got you covered....

While Spring and Summer have an abundance of gorgeous flowers, Fall is all about the foliage! Yes, there are still beautiful blooms, but if you're looking for that warm and cozy fall vibe try incorporating the seasonal foliage and colors.

But let's start with the Fall Flowers we love....


Dahlias are the star bloom of the Fall. They thrive in the cooler temperatures and come in many different colors making them the perfect focal bloom for Autumn weddings with any color palette.


Rudbeckia is such a perfect dainty flower, like an upscale daisy. Great for those moody color palettes as the perfect bridge flower, as they come in awesome two toned varieties.


Mums get a bad rap, they're like the carnations of the Fall, but now days they come ins stunning colors.


Normally used as a traditional flower for Dia De Los Muertos, Marigolds have recently become a popular wedding flower and I'm here for it. Nothing screams Fall like the scent of Marigolds!

*Not a fan of the larger orange or yellow marigolds. Check out French Marigolds. The perfect little hint of color and scent. Like seen above in our foam free centerpiece from Jenna + Tanner's Wedding last October.


Golden Ilex brings fun texture to any arrangement!

Rain Pod:

Locally grown Rain Pod Trees contain these gorgeous pods in shades of red and yellow and are such a unique fun texture to play with.


You’ll probably find this shrub growing in your front yard or in parking lots around town here in Southern California, but it’s multi colored smaller leaves make it one of my favorite greeneries to incorporate for Fall arrangements.

Pomegranate Branches:

Branches with lush red pomegranate are such a unique touch to any design.

Copper Beech:

Looking to incorporate gold tones? Copper beech is the perfect Fall foliage to add. It comes in gold, orange, and red shades.

Maple Leaves:

I mean is there a more Fall foliage than maple leaves 🍁 as they turn color to signify a new season.

*Images are stock photos.

There are many other varieties of flowers and foliages available in the Fall, especially here to source locally in Southern California, but these are just my favorites.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to leave any questions below in the comments. And if you need a Florist for your Fall wedding please get in touch here.

Peace, love and flowers my friends!

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