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Seasonal Flower Guide: Winter Blooms

Winter Wonderland Arrangement

Having or planning a Winter wedding? Wondering what flowers are in season? I've got you covered....

We are fortunate here in California to have a long growing season, but it does get a bit too chilly for many flowers to bloom between November and February, even here in Southern California. During winter a lot of the flowers you'll have access to will be imported from the southern hemisphere, but there are a few blooms that like the cold....


Hellebore are one of my favorite flowers to work with and they thrive in cold climates! They come in an assortment of colors from the traditional white and green, to beautiful plums and mauve.

Winter Sweet Peas:

Winter marks the return of Sweet Peas! I learned from growing these the past two years that there are winter sweet peas and spring sweet peas. The winter sweet peas usually go in the ground in November and can be blooming as early as January. These dainty fragrant flowers make the perfect addition to a bouquet or centerpiece to create movement. Plus they come in the full rainbow of colors.

My very own home grown Winter Sweet Peas

Festival Bush:

One of my favorite Winter products is Festival Bush. While red isn't always a popular wedding color if I can find a way to incorporate these fun blooms I always will because I've waited all year from them to be available! It's such a playful accent to any design.


Amaryllis is a traditional Christmas time flower, typically seen as a house plant with one bulb producing a long stem with 1-3 blooms each. More recently we've starting seeing them sold as cut stems to use in winter arrangements. They remind me of a mix between a lily and a hibiscus flower. They range from Christmas reds and whites, to peaches and pinks.


If you're planning a Christmas wedding there's no better flower than a poinsettia to incorporate and they're locally grown! Did you know Encinitas and Carlsbad are home to some of the largest farms that grow poinsettias here in the states.

Ever Greens:

Winter brings in all the ever green varieties: pine, noble fir, juniper, etc. While I mostly use them in holiday wreaths, they'd be the perfect addition for any winter/Christmas themed wedding!

*Images are stock photos.

There are many other varieties of flowers and foliages available in the Winter, but these are my favorite seasonal varieties.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to leave any questions below in the comments. And if you need a Florist for your Winter wedding please get in touch here.

Peace, love and flowers my friends!

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