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Wedding Ceremony Flowers

Let's talk about different designs for your wedding ceremony!

Now days there are so many looks for your ceremony flowers, how do you choose?

When working with clients one of the first thing I usually consider when making recommendations for a design is the space at their venue that they will be using for their ceremony. Is there anything preexisting in the space that cannot be moved? Is there a view that you don't want to take away from? Is there enough room for the installation? etc.

Then we consider your style preference: Do you want something more traditional or unique? Do you like symmetry? Do you want it pop off the background or mesh with its surroundings?

And of course we have to take in to account budget. Do you want the focus of your floral budget on your ceremony or would you prefer the focus be on your reception? We find even though ceremonies can be short, that most clients want to make a statement with their florals at the ceremony, because that is where the majority of photos will be taken and it's the first thing guests see.

These are all questions to consider when making your choice. Here are a few of our favorite designs to help inspire you!

  1. Low Ground Arch

Photography by Bryan Miller | Florals by Le Champagne Projects

This low ground arch was the perfect addition for Julianna and Logan's wedding at Sunset Cliffs. They wanted lush flowers, but were worried about blocking the ocean views. This installation created an intentional space for them to say their vows and didn't take away from the scenery. We used pops of blue flowers to tie it all together as well.

Photography by Bryan Miller | Florals by Le Champagne Projects

2.) Preexisting Arches

Venue Rancho Las Lomas | Florals by Le Champagne Projects

For both these venues, Rancho Las Lomas above and Twin Oaks below, there were preexisting arches. So we used our foam free mechanics to mimic the shape of the existing structures and then build out with our flowers to create beautiful designs that blend seamlessly into the venue's space.

Sometimes couples worry about venues with preexisting arches looking too cookie cutter, but a way to make your ceremony be more unique is with aisle arrangement like we did for each of these weddings. And remember you can always add your own flair to any arrangement by choosing a unique color palette you love.

Venue Twin Oaks | Florals Le Champagne Projects

3. Traditional Arches

Venue The Harper | Florals by Le Champagne Projects

If you are looking for a traditional arch there are so many different ways to place the arrangements to make it your own style. Here are two of our favorite designs on our wooden rectangular arch. See more here.

Photography by Wheeland Photography | Venue Rancho Las Lomas | Florals Le Champagne Projects

4. Geometric Arches

Photography by Gabriel Conover | Venue Pine Hill Lodge | Florals by Le Champagne Projects

Geometric shaped arches have become very trendy, whether it be triangular, circular or a hexagonal arch there's lots of ways to place your arrangements.

Venue The Natural History Museum | Florals by Le Champagne Projects

5. Deconstructed Arches

Photography by Wheeland Photography | Venue The Ultimate Skybox | Florals Le Champagne Projects

If you're looking for something a bit nontraditional and unique definitely consider a Deconstructed Arch. These have become a favorite of ours to make and they create such a whimsical backdrop for your vows. Above our couple wanted something that didn't have harsh lines and worked with the view. We felt like this would be the perfect addition to the skyline.

Below our couple also wanted something more unique than a traditional arch and worried about a harsh line across the view. A deconstructed arch seemed like the perfect solution to frame them and work with the surrounding trees and view. See more here.

Photography by Jenn Lappe Photography | Venue La Valencia Hotel | Florals Le Champagne Projects

6. Chuppah

Chuppahs, while traditionally used for Jewish weddings, have become more popular for non religious weddings as well. And why not, with 4 posts to decorate they create a gorgeous space to encompass a couple as they say their vows. I mean who wouldn't want to be surrounded by flowers!


There are so many directions to go, we know it's hard to choose, but hopefully our tips and inspiration give you some guidance.

We'd love to hear from you and discuss a design with you! Reach out here so we can start dreaming up florals for you! Or be sure to follow us on Instagram to see our latest ceremony installations.

Peace, love, and flowers friends!

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