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Wedding Floral Trends for 2023

Are you newly engaged and scouring Pinterest and Instagram for design ideas? With inquiries for 2023 weddings rolling in we are seeing a few very common trends. Will you be incorporating any of these into your wedding?

Trends we are seeing for 2023 weddings, in no particular oder:

1. Long Stemmed Rose Bouquets

Bride holding traditional and elegant  long stemmed white rose bouquet surrounded by wedding party.
Florals by Le Champagne Projects | Photography by Elaine Chang Photography

Want your wedding flowers to be timeless and classic?

I've had an a lot of couples want to capture a timeless elegance in their wedding flowers and have leaned toward a more traditional all rose bouquet with long stems. These can be tight/round ball shapes or more so I'm seeing a desire for it to still have a more organic look to it with the roses being placed at varying heights.

One thing to think about is how you will hold this longer stemmed bouquet, as traditionally bouquets are made to hide their stems because tilting them forward allows the blooms to be the focus. I'd suggest the same so you don't appear just to be holding a bunch of sticks, turn your bouquet and tuck the stems when you can, so off to one side tilting the roses toward the camera, etc. Your photographer should help you position it so it looks good from all angles.

Elaine From Elaine Chang Photography did a great job of this at a wedding we did together at Twin Oaks Garden Venue.


Baby's breath and all white flower wedding centerpieces in a low white bowl.
Florals by Le Champagne Projects

The Baby's Breath trend is still holding strong. Once considered an out of date and unloved flower from the 80's, Baby's breath (not babies breath) has had a major glow up; from the Rustic mason jar look to Modern + Contemporary installations. And while we love a good come back (ehm carnations), there are a few things we hope you keep in mind!

- To achieve the looks you see on Pinterest or Instagram for a big arch or installation it will require A LOT of Baby's Breath. We are talking 100s of bunches. So while you think it may be cheaper than several varieties of flowers the sheer volume it takes to make such an arch will come with a hefty price tag.

- Avoid spray paint! As cool as it looks in different colors, it's not great for your florist's health or the enviornment! Classic white will always be timeless, these spray painted/unnatural colors are trendy, but when you look back in 20 years will you still love the look? If the answer to that is yes, consider installs with statice, yarrow, smoke bush, or wax flower, all of which come in a rainbow of colors naturally!

3. Table Meadows

Florals by Le Champagne Projects

Skip the traditional centerpieces in a vase and invest in an impactful table installation!

Wether it's for your sweetheart table, head table, cake table, welcome table, or even your guests tables; these growing meadow like centerpieces make a big statement! They're far more unique than a traditional centerpiece in a vase, as they look like they grew up right from the table. Fill them with dainty wild flowers and whimsical greens to achieve that meadow look.

I'm excited to see more of these in 2023 as they're so fun to make and truly elevate a space!

4. Grounded Arches

Looking for something less traditional than a common arch or wanting to do something different for your ceremony?

A grounded arch or a ceremony "nest" has been gaining in popularity over the past few years and for good reason. These ground arrangements work well to create an intimate and intentional space for you to say your vows and do not take away from any view there may be (which being a wedding florist in San Diego I can appreciate so I'm not trying to compete with Mother Nature's beauty, ie. the Pacific Ocean, lol).

Grounded arches are also a great option if you wish to repurpose your ceremony flowers to the reception. They're fairly easy to move and look great in front of your sweetheart table, cake/dessert table, or even a the foot of a reception bar or your DJ. Lots of options!

5. Saying Goodbye to Floral Foam!

This has to be my favorite trend!

If you follow me you know I place a huge importance on being environmentally friendly and trying to reduce my carbon foot print, in both my personal life and business. One of the main ways to reduce waste as a florist is to build arrangements foam free or without floral foam.

Floral foam is used to help hydrate flowers and keep them in place during transportation and installation, but it's basically a block of chemically infused micro plastics that will never truly break down and pollutes our waterways and landfills. It's also terrible for your health!

So I could not be more excited to see more and more florist moving away from using it!I get so many messages and comments looking for advise on how to give it up as a florist, as well as couples excited about having eco friendly wedding flowers. I'm happy to announce that I'll be sharing all my tricks and tips through Instagram Subscriptions so if you want to learn more head on over to my profile and sign up!


What do you think of these trends? Are there any you're excited about or planning to incorporate into your own wedding this year?!

We'd love to hear from you in the comments, and if you're looking for a florist for your wedding in Southern California head here to fill out our New Client Questionnaire to get the ball rolling. We look forward to hearing from you!

Peace, love and flowers my friends!

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