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Wedding Floral Trends for 2022

With inquiries for 2022 weddings rolling in we are seeing a few very common trends! As well as hoping these become trends this year, the year of ALL THE WEDDINGS! lol

Trends we are seeing, in no particular oder:

1. Bright Colors!

Florals by Champagne Projects

Why not celebrate with a bold and bright look?

Post quarantine people are ready to party! and they're trading in the classic neutral wedding palettes for new bright and fun pops of color. And really why not have some happy and cheerful colors to celebrate finally all being together again. I'm here for it!


Once considered an out of date and unloved flower from the 80's, Baby's breath (not babies breath) has had a major glow up; from the Rustic mason jar look to Modern + Contemporary installations. And while we love a good come back (ehm carnations), there are a few things we hope you keep in mind!

- To achieve the looks you see on Pinterest or Instagram for a big arch or installation it will require A LOT of Baby's Breath. We are talking 100s of bunches. So while you think it may be cheaper than several varieties of flowers the sheer volume it takes to make such an arch will come with a hefty price tag.

- Avoid spray paint! As cool as it looks in different colors, it's not great for your florist's health or the enviornment! Classic white will always be timeless, these spray painted/unnatural colors are trendy, but when you look back in 20 years will you still love the look? If the answer to that is yes, consider installs with statice, yarrow, smoke bush, or wax flower, all of which come in a rainbow of colors naturally!

3. Large Flower Installations or Moments

Florals by Champagne Projects

Skip the centerpieces on every table and invest in an impactful installation or Instagram worthy moment.

With micro weddings we saw a huge pivot toward larger floral installations. With a smaller guest count more of the budget could be put toward florals. And while micro weddings have gone, big flower installations are here to stay.

How do you accomplish this and not go over budget? Couples are moving away from traditional reception looks with a centerpiece on every table. While we are huge advocates here for ALL the flowers, we know they can be pricey. To make a big impact without breaking the bank when you have a larger guest list skip traditional centerpieces. You can mix and match ideas, say candles with greenery on half the tables, or clusters of bud vases, and spend the budget on a dramatic unique install! Our favorites are hanging installations over the dance floor or a dramatic sweetheart setup (I mean you are the main focus of the day), or even a fun cake or photo booth installation.

4. Untraditional Wedding Parties | Flowers for All!

Photography by Mandy Ford Photography | Florals by Champagne Projects

It's your special day, do what YOU want!

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids are a thing of the past! Have the people, regardless of gender, that YOU cherish and want by your side stand up with you. Let's break this old stingy tradition of girls on one side and boys on the other. Choose who you want to be with you and give whoever wants a bouquet a bouquet! Flowers should not only be just for women. Flowers make everyone happy! Let's normalize this.

5. The End of Pampas Grass

Thank the stars for this one ✨ I, as well as most the Florist I know, could not be more excited to see this go!

I have never been a fan of pampas grass, it's basically the equivalent of glitter, you'll never be able to get rid of it because it sheds so badly. But more importantly it is an invasive species here in California, which is terrible for our eco systems. The seeds spread and take over native plants that animals use to survive. It is a lose lose in my book so I'm excited to see this fad move on finally!

6. Saying Goodbye to Toss Bouquets

Because who really wants to be called out as single?!

I hardly ever get asked to make a toss bouquet any more, and it's thankfully not because couples are choosing to toss their actual bouquets, but because this tradition has been tossed out itself! And on a non floral note, garter tosses are out in 2022 too. No ones parents needs to see this lol. Good riddance.


What do you think of these trends? Are there any you're excited about or going to incorporate into your wedding this year?!

We'd love to hear from you in the comments, or if you're looking for a florist for your wedding in Southern California head here to fill out our New Client Questionnaire to get the ball rolling. We look forward to hearing from you!

Peace, love and flowers my friends!

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