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5 Wedding Flower Trends for 2024

Are you getting married in 2024? Have you started to plan and are looking for inspiration for your wedding flowers? Here are a few of the big trends I think will be popular this year.

1.) Petite Bridal Bouquets

Photography by Mand Ford Photo | Florals by Le Champagne Projects

Big statement bouquets have had their moment, but the trend for more petite bouquets has been increasing over the last few years and for 2024 they're finally taking over!

I'm excited for this trend! One of the benefits of a smaller bouquet is that I can create with more delicate and top tier product. It also won't block your gorgeous dress!

I'd suggest pairing it with petite posy bouquets for your Bridesmaids.

Photography by Amy Moulder Photography | Florals by Le Champagne Projects

2.) Full Coverage Arches

Photography by Harmony Haft | Florals by Le Champagne Projects

In 2019 we saw Geometric Shaped Arches. 2021 and 2022 were the years of the Deconstructed Arch. And in 2023 Grounded Arches seemed to be our most popular setup for ceremonies. But this year it looks like we are headed back to a more traditional rounded top arch with FULL floral coverage. I mean talk about making a statement!

For even more lushness I'd suggest pairing it with an aisle meadow, with ground arrangements placed either every row or every other to complete the look.

Florals by Le Champagne Projects

3.) Cake Nest

Cake by Heritage Desserts | Florals by Le Champagne Projects

Let's give your cake a moment!

This might be the trend I'm most excited to see on the rise. A cake "nest", "halo", or "meadow". The terms are interchangeable, but whatever you want to call it, I'm 100% here for it.

4.) Single Variety Arrangements

Florals by Le Champagne Projects

Looking for a more modern minimalist touch for your florals? Gone are the days when modern meant baby's breath everything (thankfully) and I'm seeing more of these small ikebana inspired arrangements using one or two varieties of flowers on the rise. I think these would be great accent pieces for rectangle tables, either 3-4 paired with candles or as an accent to a more traditional centerpiece to fill out the table.

I'm also seeing an uptick in single variety Bridesmaids bouquets. Each of your girls gets a different variety and/or color. So fun!

5.) COLOR!

Florals by Le Champagne Projects

And again this year I'm getting more and more inquiries for colorful wedding flowers! I'm loving some of the more bright and bold palettes that just make a wedding so unique. Need some color palette inspiration head to my post about the Most Popular Color Palettes I see here in San Diego.


And as always if you're looking for a wedding florist in San Diego or Southern California please reach out through my Inquiries form here. I'd love to work with you and bring your floral dreams to life.

Peace, love, and flowers friends!

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