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How to Hold Your Bouquet on Your Wedding Day

While a well designed bouquet should look good from any angle, there is a proper way to hold a bouquet that makes the flowers the main focus and not the stems.

Step 1: Hold your bouquet low by your belly button. This way you're not blocking the details of your dress or you face in any photos.

Step 2: Tilt the stems back toward your body so the flowers are showcased instead of the stems.

Step 3: Smile for your picture (:

Here's a quick tutorial:

As you see here, by holding your bouquet with a the slight tilt, like we discussed in the video above, the flowers become the highlight of the bouquet!

Without tilting the stems back toward your belly button the bouquet still looks pretty, but compared to above the stems are showing drawing attention away from all the flowers.

Can you see the difference?

We hope this tip helps you on your special day so that your flowers look their best during your photos!


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Peace, love and flowers my friends!

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