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Seasonal Flower Guide: Spring Blooms

Arrangement Filled with Spring Flowers | Arranged by Le Champagne Projects | Photo by Mandy Ford Photography

Having or planning a Spring wedding? Wondering what flowers are in season? I've got you covered....

Spring has the most abundance of beautiful flower for you to choose from and is, in my opinion, the best season to get married in! I've put together a list of some of my favorite Spring time blooms for you below.

Sweet Peas:

Sweet Peas bloom from winter into Spring and can be grown locally. They're on of my favorite "floater" flowers because of their thing stem and whimsical blooms, plus they come in a full rainbow of color choices and they have the sweetest smell. Definitely a must for Spring weddings.


Lilac is one of those magical flowers that can only be found for a few weeks in Spring, but if you happen to be lucky enough to have your wedding during those weeks by all means use it! It comes in light purple, dark purple, mauve, and white. It's extremely fragrant and its mass of dainty blooms great as a filler for bouquets or centerpieces.


Tulips can be used year round, but are in full bloom in the Spring. You'll get bigger heads and more variety. If you're looking for not just your standard tulip be sure to ask for double tulips, parrot tulips, or fringe tulips!


Daffodils are my all time favorite flower! And did you know they come in more than just yellow? There are yellow, white, white mixed with yellow, peach, or pink. They're just the happiest flower out there if you ask me.


Icelandic Poppies are such a statement flower! With their pastel tones, paper thin petals, and whimsical stems, they'll add a special touch to all your arrangements. Poppies can be a bit finicky, but worth it! Be sure to sear their stems after cutting for a better vase life.


With the fluffiest petals and the variety of colors, Ranunculus are one of the most popular Spring flowers. If you've ever visited the Carlsbad Flower fields you know how gorgeous these locally grown blooms can be. I'm pretty sure they're on every order I've ever placed, but in the Spring their stems are so much stronger and can be used more versatilely.

Butterfly Ranunculus:

This variety of Ranunculus is like the more playful younger sibling. They have less of a large bloom and are more delicate making them the perfect touch for those whimsical designs. They most often come in blush, bright yellow, pastel yellow, and red.

Blooming Branches:

Wether it's Cherry, Spirea, or Quince blooming branches is one of my favorite things about Spring. The branches give such a natural and organic feel to any arrangement and I only wish we could have access to them longer.

Pink Cherry Blossoms

Twiggy Spirea

Jasmine Vine:

Looking to add vines into your wedding designs? Consider jasmine in the Spring as it will likely be blooming and oh so fragrant!

Honeysuckle Vines:

Another option for vines in the Spring is Honeysuckle. While it doesn't have as many blooms (which depending on your design might be your preference), it is a bit harder and just as sweet smelling, so I personally prefer it over Jasmine.

*Images are stock photos.

Like I mentioned before, there is such an abundance of flowers to choose from in Spring, these are just some of my favorites! I hope this helps when you start to look at floral inspiration for your wedding. And if you're not getting married in Spring, check out our other seasonal guides here.

Please feel free to leave any questions below in the comments. And if you need a wedding Florist in San Diego, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, or Temecula for next Spring please get in touch here.

Peace, love and flowers my friends!

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