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Seasonal Flower Guide: Summer Blooms

Arrangement Filled with Locally Grown Summer Flowers from Psalter Farm Flowers | Arranged by Le Champagne Projects

Having or planning a Summer wedding? Wondering what flowers are in season or which ones will hold up best in the heat🔥? I've got you covered....

To celebrate Summer Solstice I've put together a list of all our favorite summer time blooms including which ones we use that will withstand the high summer temps.


Peony season starts usually around Mother's Day (middle of May) and can go as late as end of June. I get a lot of request for Peonies, but they have a very short season, so if you don't want to pay the hefty price tag to have them imported during the off season, be sure to plan your wedding for late May or early June.

Mock Orange:

Mock orange foliage comes in to season around mid June and it's a delicate greenery with the most delightful smelling white flowers. I use it every chance I can get my hands on it because it's just the sweetest.


Yarrow comes in a rainbow of colors, like you can literally buy a bunch called rainbow, and it is a great hardy filler flower. It also dries beautifully.


Summer is the start of Dahlias, which always surprises me because Dahlias do not like the heat. For this reason I love using them in the Fall, but they do come in such vibrant and fun Summer colors they're definitely included for this season. My recommendation is to be sure you or your Florist source them locally so they are as fresh as can be and have a better chance of holding up in the heat.


Zinnias might be the happiest little flower there ever was, or at least in my opinion. They come in a wide variety of colors and are great in the heat.

🔥Heat approved.


Cosmos seem to be one of the most popular flowers this Summer, which I get, they're an all time favorite of mine to work with. They're the perfect "floater" flower. They have very thin stems so can be placed up higher without a harsh stem line and bring lots of dimension and movement to arrangements. They come in white and different shades of pink with a sweet little yellow center, similar in shape to a daisy, but far more delicate. Cosmos do best in water and not in direct sun.


These sweet little bunches of small flowers come in so many colors. They are the perfect accent flower and the colors are great as a bridge flower since come in so many two toned shades. My favorites is cherry caramel.

🔥Heat approved.

🔥Heat approved.


Standard roses can be purchased year round, but I'm including in this list because they are super hardy and hold up well in the heat, even without water! Plus they come in every color imaginable and are a big bloom that looks great in installs and centerpieces alike.

🔥Heat approved.